Monday, October 11, 2010

Internet Search & Inquiry- Discovering the Benefits of Physical Activity through Technology

Discovering the benefits of physical activity

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Grade 3 Physical Education

Description of Activity:
Students will be asked to go to a variety of websites containing information about the benefits of physical activity to the body.  Students will be asked to jot down key points and information found on the websites. From the information gathered, students will send their teacher an email describing, in their own words, the benefits of physical activity.

B (Benefits Health): Students will understand, experience, and appreciate the health benefits that result from physical activity.

B3-6: Students will describe the benefits of physical activity to the body.

ICT Outcomes:
C.1- Students will access, use and communicate information from a variety of technologies.
            1.1- Access and retrieve appropriate information from electronic sources for a specific inquiry.
            1.2- Process information from more than one source to retell what has been discovered..
C.3- Students will critically assess information accessed through the use of a variety of technologies.
            1.1- Compare and contrast information from similar types of electronic sources.
C.7- Students will use electronic research techniques to construct personal knowledge and meaning.
            1.2- Summarize data by picking key words from gathered information and by using jottings, point form or retelling.
            1.3- Draw conclusions from organized information.
P.1- Students will compose, revise and edit text.
            1.1 Create original text, using word processing software, to communicate and demonstrate understanding of forms and techniques.
P.2- Students will organize and manipulate data.
            1.1. Read information from a prepared database.
P.6- Students will use communication technology to interact with others.
            1.1 Compose a message that can be sent through communication technology.

Teaching Rationale (Why use technology?):
Children at this age may not know all of the benefits of physical activity to the body. By using technology for this activity, students will become aware of the many benefits of physical activity. Using technology for this activity is beneficial as it provides the students with concrete evidence of the benefits that result from being physical active. The internet provides a quick and easy way to research and find reliable (most of the time) information. 

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